Sunday, November 27, 2011

Talking Points #10

Quotes: Empowering Education
Author: Ira Shor

The article this week was "Empowering Education" by Ira Shor and it was about politics and socialization in a schooling system. In the first chapter, "Education is Politics" it talks exactly what the title of the chapter says, education and politics. In the second and final chapter, "Problem-Posing", it talks about what a "problem-poser" teacher is and how effective the style is.

1) "In a curriculum that encourages student questioning, the teacher avoids a unilateral transfer of knowledge. She or he helps students develop their intellectual and emotional powers to examine their learning in school, their everyday experience, and the conditions in society. Empowered students make meaning and act from reflection, instead of memorizing facts and values handed to them." 

I believe this quote is stating that in a curriculum where the teachers encourage students to be involved and ask questions, they are also avoiding a "transfer of knowledge". Not only does the teacher help the students learn in school but he/she also helps them learn in everyday experiences and in the society. Lastly, empowered students actually learn what they have been taught instead of just memorizing it and turning it in for the grade.

2) As a social philosophy, problem-posing focuses on power relations in the classroom, in the institution, in the formation of standard canons or knowledge, and in society at large. It considers the social and cultural context of education, asking how student subjectivity and economic conditions affect the learning process. Student culture as well as inequality and democracy are central issues to problem-posing educators when they make syllabi and examine the climate for learning. 

This quote stood out to me. I think it means that "Problem-Posing" has to do with everything like the way empowered students does. This way of teaching also teaches the children instead of making them memorize things.

3) "A critical and empowering class begins by examining its subject matter from the students' point of view and by helping students see themselves as knowledgeable people. I wanted them to take, from day one, a critical attitude towards their knowledge, their writing habits, and their education."

This quote makes total sense. A good way of teaching is finding the students point of views and hearing their input. This will also show themselves that they are knowledgable people and they need to see their attitude towards their knowledge, and education. I think if they can succeed with all of these credentials, they will have an easier and more fun time learning.

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  1. I agree with these quotes and that students should be more involved in the transfer of knowledge after all its their education!